Mn/DOT Large Operational Test 

The Information You Want, When You Need IT.
The Trilogy Project (completed October, 1998)
was a three year Mn/DOT demonstration
of advanced traveler information using ITS
area-wide broadcast technology.

Currently traveler information is broadcast on radio, TV,
and supplemented by changeable message signage along the freeways.

Trilogy offers an alternative.

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State of the art in-vehicle devices were deployed to Commercial
and Commuter end users that provided up-to-the-minute
traveler information on incidents, road construction,
weather conditions and levels of congestion.
This real-time traffic and travel information is delivered
to the in-vehicle radios which receive and display digital information.

Trilogy will evaluate the effectiveness of providing this information
utilizing two types of communication media,
Radio Broadcast Data System-Traffic Message Channel (RBDS-TMC)
and a high speed FM Sub-Carrier Authorized System (FM-SCA).

Evaluation Partners Include:

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The Evaluation Of Trilogy Examined:

What information do the drivers want?
How useful, timely, and understandable was the information?
What do the drivers do with the information provided?
Drivers must be able to use the information to
avoid congestion/delays or to change routes.
Did the drivers alter their travel behavior and did it translate
into savings of time or money?
What will be done with the Evaluation Results?
Lesson learned through Trilogy will be used
to improve current and future traveler information systems.
The information will be shared throughout the Transportation
and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Communities.

How does the "Trilogy System" Work?

Operators at the Mn/DOT Transportation Management Center (TMC)
gather and process information from a variety of sources.
Information is examined to determine both the cause of congestion,
( accidents, stalls, weather, or normal slow downs),
and the level of congestion, (point-to-point, back-ups, or duration).

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This information is entered into a computer system,
which codes and digitizes the traveler messages.

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The information is sent to a service provider who broadcasts
it over extra bandwidth on an FM station
(Radio Broadcast Data System-Traffic Message Channel: RBDS-TMC)
or on a high speed FM Subcarrier system (FM-SCA).

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These messages are received by one of two in-vehicle devices
designed by Volvo Corporation called "DYNAGUIDE" receivers.

Dynaguide 2.0 Devices:

Messages are displayed on a graphical map of the Twin Cities.
These messages appear as Icons and Symbols over the
affected areas of the Freeway System.

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is also used to show
the location of the end-user vehicle and to assist in changing
between the 60 map frames provided for viewing of various scales.

Dynaguide 3.0 Devices:

Building upon the Dynaguide 2.0 Device, new features were added:
freeway status, ramp meter status, color coded roads displaying
actual travel speeds, and 24 hour coverage from the TMC.

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Automated travel speeds on the freeway system were entered
by utilizing existing loop detector data.
More maps and improved panning and zooming
were also added.

Participants included 150 Commercial Drivers representing
various companies reliant upon efficient travel on the freeways.

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75 Commuter Drivers (private citizens) tested the devices to report
on it's value during a daily commute.

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It is anticipated that Trilogy will help maximize the use
of our transportation system through more efficient
utilization of the existing infrastructure.
This is accomplished by providing information to travelers that
will allow them to take alternate routes to avoid congestion.
This evaluation is completed
and will likely be available from Mn/DOT.

An further example of what the information looks like on a display.

* Some Pictures and Paraphrased Text
from the Minnesota Guidestar Trilogy Brouchure *

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