A Tribute To Harry Caray

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Harry Christopher Carabina

Born:  It is believed that Feb. 26th, 1914 is correct
so celebrate Harry's 90th Birthday Anniversary! 
However, anywhere between Feb. 26th to March 1st 1914, 1917, or 1920 could be correct..,

Died:   Feb. 18, 1998
Collapsed at a Rancho Mirage, California, nightclub after a Valentine's Day dinner with his wife.
After spending four days in a coma, Caray succumbed shortly after being removed from life-support.

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A new Harry Caray book is coming out!
WGN announcer Pat Hughes presents Harry Caray: Voice of the Fans
an audio / photo tribute to broadcaster Harry Caray,
one of the most beloved figures in baseball.

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Harry was a major-league baseball broadcaster for 53 years from 1945-98;
25 with the St. Louis Cardinals, 1 with the Oakland Athletics,
11 with the Chicago White Sox and 16 with the Chicago Cubs.

Inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame's broadcasters' wing in 1989.
Inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990.

Harry was orphaned at the age of 10.
He suffered two broken legs after an accident in 1968
Suffered a stroke in 1987.

Father of Skip Caray, Grandfather of Chip Caray

Interred at All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois, in section 42W, Block 22.

* I would like to give correct information about the legendary Harry Caray. I understand that he was injured in 1968 in St. Louis outside the Chase Park Plaza, however it was not from a taxi. If you go back to the Newspaper article from The Sporting News, November 16, 1968 there is a short article about the accident. My father, Michael Poliquin, was driving the vehicle. He was not a taxi driver nor was on that day in November.    Thank you   Laura S. Poliquin

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Where will the Cubs be without Harry?
As James Earl Jones said in Field of Dreams
"The one constant has been baseball". 

This was proven untrue when the owners & players used greed as a reason
to cancel a World Series and a season of Baseball.

Yet, There was a Constant for me, Harry! 

Harry made me care about Baseball and my Cubbies
Good or Bad I loved the
Cubs because of Harry.

A huge part of the fun of Baseball died with me when Harry passed away.

Although I was prepared for his eventual passing, 
It still brought tears to my eyes, it made me wonder 
if I would feel the same about my beloved

My father told me stories of listening to Harry and the Cardinals.

I even watched the White Sox because of Harry. 
I was one of the many who cheered loudly when Harry moved to the North Side.   My Cubs Had Harry!  

He became as much a part of the joy of watching the Cubs as the team itself.

Harry had a sense of humor, he was critical, he made mistakes,
he laughed at himself, he was able to see the Cubs win the Divisional Crown
(But NO World Series), and his singing, or lack thereof,
will always be synonymous with the Cubs. 

I hope and pray that Harry is enjoying a cool BUD
in Heaven's bleachers. 

I will still root for my Cubbies, I will still think
"Let's Get Some Runs",

but I will always remember what made it truly fun during
the bad times and during the good times....  

It Was Harry.   
I remember passing him beers on a day when he broadcast
from the bleachers when I was there...,

I remember shaking his hand at his restaurant, and being amazed
at how much time he unselfishly spent with all the fans
that wanted a picture taken or an autograph...,

Mostly, I remember opening days,
waiting for Harry to call the first pitch or the first seventh inning stretch
of the new season...,

Harry was able to transcend the greed, the problems, disregard for the fans,
and poor attitudes that baseball has become....

Harry allowed me to forgive baseball all of these things...,
I will root for the Cubs,  But I will miss Harry..., 
   I will try to remember
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and what was good about baseball.

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If you are looking for Great Harry Caray merchandise
especially those of you asking for the Harry Patch,
go to the Gift Shop at Harry Caray's Restaurant
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Can Anyone Else Believe
That Major League Baseball
Has Taken Over All Of The Club's Web Sites?
They are all generic and have no character!
The CUBS Official Site Doesn't
Even Have A Tribute To Harry!
That Is Unforgivable!

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