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July 31st - August 1st - August 2nd
1998 In Chicago

Greetings Brothers!!!
It looks like right now the CBP3 will be a huge success.
We have 88 confirmed attendees.


It is okay to come to just One Event!
Just come for the Picnic on Saturday.
Just come for the Friday Night Party.
Just come to the Almost A White Rose Informal.
The point is Let Us Know and just come to Anything!
No one expects that everyone will make every event…,
Some people have been known to sleep through Golf {Brian Kollars}.
(We'll be glad if Rossow makes it at all!) {Weep Thing To Do}
We want to see you, we want to party with you,
just come and have a good time at any of the events.

It is okay if you don't want to party {
If you just want to take your kids to the zoo and meet there, DO IT!
If you just want to come to the Picnic and see old friends, DO IT!
Just call Rob or myself and say you'd like to just attend one event.
Even if you don't call us, just DO IT! Don't Miss This!


The Hotel is the Radison of Arlington Heights.
Airport transportation to/from the hotel is available.
Single/double rooms available at the same price.
-indoor pool, bar, gift shop, etc....,
Just Minutes from Woodfield Mall!!!

All Venues for the Chop Block Party are located
only a few miles from the hotel.
Actually, all are on the same basic road...
This is designed to keep drinking and driving
or getting lost to a minimum.

I would like to apologize for those who called the Hotel
and had trouble with confused reservation clerks.
They have been terminated and the hotel now understands
that this is a group from Valparaiso University, Chop Block Party,
or even the Northern Block Party.
Just call :   1-847-364-7600 (Ask for reservations)

With the large turnout we have covered your ass:
You can call either of the hotels below if the Radison runs out of rooms.
Both of these hotels are in the same intersection as the Radison.
No rooms have been specifically reserved but should be available.

Holiday Inn Express - Arlington Heights
2120 South Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005
Reservations: (847) 593-9400 Fax (847) 593-3632

Red Roof Inn
22 West Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005
Reservations: (847) 228-6650 or 1-800-THE ROOF
Fax (847) 228-6709

If any specific directions are needed for those commuting
to the events and activities,
feel free to call me at any time (847) 253-4471.
We will have maps available for those who forgot or lost theirs
(even though Max sent you copies ahead of time!)

During the Chop Block Party Friday July 31st - August 2nd
Call the Chop Block Party Mobile Line -
PAGER (312) 740-1689
(708) 702-1636

We also need Final Counts for Friday Night, Saturday Night,
and Sunday Brunch.
If you returned a response card
we will assume that you are going to all three events
and will count you and your family members.
If you are not going to attend one of the evening dinners or the brunch,
please call me and let me know A.S.A.P.

Please Bring Chop Memorabilia for the Saturday Night Party!
Bring any pictures you have for inclusion in the slide show
and future Signal Issues!


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The weekend lineup is as follows:
The Starting Line-up for the Chop Block Party Three
Brought to you by Miller Light,
It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Friday July 31st, 1998

Early Arrival Party
7:30 - ???
Location:  Stadium Sports Club & Pizza
On Algonquin Road (62)
WEST of Arlington Heights Road and just west of I-290/53
Unlimited Beer and Pizza from 7:30-9:30
We will close it down!!!!
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Bar Dice Instruction Optional for Spouses!

Ummm a 71.jpg (193863 bytes)
" Ummmm a 71 to beat a 64? "

Saturday August 1st, 1998

3rd Annual Hang-Over Golf Tourney
7:00 A.M. or so lcadircc.jpg (4967 bytes)
Location:  Schaumburg Municipal Golf Course
Details to follow - being worked out by Ken Johnson
We need to know the number that will be golfing!!!
Details will be given out Friday Night!

9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
The Mode of Transportation will be
to take the Chicago/Northwestern train and one CTA Bus.
The targeted train time is 9:30 so meet in the lobby by 9:00
This is the easiest and most cost efficient way to get there and back.
We looked into Buses/Charters but they were outrageous.
This is of course an event for Kids, Spouses, Sig Others....,
(Sturfmels you can not go....You will not WEEP-out on us!)

3rd Annual Chop Block Party Cookout
11:00 to 5:00 lcadircc.jpg (4967 bytes)
Location:  Busse Woods Grove #15
In the Ned Brown Preserve
1st Grove past Higgins (Ill -72) and Arlington Heights Road
Follow the road all the way to the end - signs will be posted!
The "B"s will rule the day - Beer, Brats, Bullshit!!

2nd Annual White Rose Informal
6:00 to 12:00  lcadircc.jpg (4967 bytes)
Location:  Radison Hotel Party Room
Hot Hors D'Oveoures' (Whores Bend Overs) and Cash Bar
Please bring Chop Memorabillia for a display!!
Especially Pictures!!!!

Sunday August 2nd, 1998

3rd Annual Farewell Bloody Mary Brunch
bloodbar.gif (5078 bytes)
11:00 A.M.  lcadircc.jpg (4967 bytes)
Location:  Dumas Walker's Bar And Grill
Corner of Busse and Algonquin
Stay until your flight or caravan leaves!

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money2.gif (15449 bytes)   DOLLARS AND CENTS   money22.gif (15742 bytes)
Hotel is $69.00 a night
Some rooms will be open for multiple occupancy
or a place to crash either night.
Get a group together and split a room!!!

Early Arrival Party
Unlimited Beer and Pizza is $10/person.

The Golf outing is pending!!!

Rob Laveau is covering all cost of the Picnic
and the Zoo trip is free admission!!

The White Rose Informal
including room and food
is $6.00 a head with a cash bar

Sunday Brunch is off the menu...
So it's up to you!!

(Be Prepared to Pay $16.00 a Head)

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Early Confirmation is essential for planning!!!
Return your cards that you receive with the next Signal
As Soon As Possible!!!!
Anyone interested in overseeing the
Saturday Night Informal
Call Rob he needs the help!!!
Maps will be included with the Signal!!
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Yours in Zax,
Rob Laveau
847-253-4471 (Home)
847-590-0160 (Fax)

Max Burrus
612-306-1041 (Office and Fax)

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Original Letter From Rob (12/1997)

Greetings Brothers,

Over the past two summers, thanks to the initiative of a few guys,
the old spirit of 702 Mound Street has been rekindled and preserved.
As drunk and disorderly as the previous two Chop Block Parties have been,
the numbers in attendance have been small, but increasing.
Feedback from the brothers out there alluded to the fact that guys
can't make the trip that far up north.

Well, here is your make up test.

In 1998, the Chop Block Party is coming to Chicago, [Arlington Heights
to be exact]. We hope to have a large turnout with the change of venue….
Even if it means some brothers only coming for one event and then
going home to the ball and chain.

We are therefore starting early this year, because the number of confirmations
will dictate some of the events to be held and what hotel to stay at, etc….,

Tentatively, as in previous years, the first weekend in August will be the date
for Chop Block Party Three.

July 31st - August 1st - August 2nd, 1998

The early arrival party on Friday Evening is tentatively at Dumas Walker's
Bar & Grill. AS USUAL, the bar tab will be picked up by yours truly
[Rob LaVeau], unless the attendance is low and then I pick up
the whole damn tab, just like the past two years parties.

Saturday's event will include the traditional picnic cookout complete
with beer, brats, activities for the kids, and of course more beer.

Saturday night will be the White Rose Informal. The venue for this
again depends on attendance. Tentatively, a party room is reserved at
the Radison Hotel. Details will follow. We would like the informal to include
a memorabilia table of Lambda Chi and 702 Mound Street, so if
you got something bring it!!! There will also be the extremely popular
Audio/Video presentation of our years at 702 Mound Street by Max Burrus.

The Sunday Brunch will again conclude the festivities and begin the
Journey back home.

Hotel Accommodations are reserved at the Radison of Arlington Heights.
Twenty rooms are reserved at a rate of $69.00 per night. There is a shuttle
bus from O'Hare airport to the hotel. We are hoping to arrange a shuttle bus
on Saturday from the Hotel to the picnic grounds and back, but that
depends on attendance…. If enough people show interest a lot can be done.

The 3rd Annual Hang-Over Golf Tournament is TBA at this point.

I would appreciate any help from the other brothers in the Chicago Area.
My time, as is all of ours, is limited. Hopefully, a committee could be
set up to make things go smooth and assure a great Chop Block Party Three.

Yours in ZAX,
Rob LaVeau : 758
Former High Nothing
847 - 253 - 4471
847 - 590 - 0190 (Fax)