Chop Block Party Two
August 1st - 3rd, 1997
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Once again it was time to party in Minnesota!!!



As with Chop Block Party One,
this year we followed the same basic formula.

Friday evening started off at the Ground Round once again!
But this year attendance was triple of the year before.

Rob and Susan LaVeau again paid for the entire tab
and made sure all were properly lubricated.
The stories and remembrances were flowing
as fast as the beer.

After the Round kicked us out it was time
to close down the Pow-Wow Lounge.
The Bartender still remembered Rob
from last year!!!

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Saturday morning came too early,
it was time for the
2nd Annual Hang-Over Golf Tournament.
Jeff and Kim Goetsch led off the first foursome
with Pete Volk and Sebastian.

After a grueling Nine Hole Par Three
it was time for a little hair of the dog before the back nine.
Serstock, Woody, Doug Feivor, Jeff (his back to us)
and Sab enjoy an early morning refreshment.

The afternoon was spent at the cook-out....
Doesn't this look familiar?
LaVeau cooking Brats, ordering Pete Sturmfels around,
while High Alpha Brian Kollars Looks On......

It was so hot (98)
most of the gang
stayed in the shade...
Mega Heat...

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Almost a White Rose Formal Or
The Lambda Chi Informal

Saturday night we had the Almost a White Rose formal
with food, lots of beer, birthday cake for Woody
& a house meeting!!
We even imported a WEEP (guy in red shirt) to abuse!

* Notes from the house meeting follow this section *

We all knew it was time to call it a night
when Pete Volk Kissed the bear in the
Pow-Wow Lounge!!

Sunday morning we had the farewell brunch in the Mall of America at Players restaurant.
It was time then to  catch planes, RVs and car rides home.....

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Greetings: Chop Block Party 2 Committee

Max Burrus opened the house meeting by thanking everyone for attending and asking that everyone spread the word for next year. Donations were welcomed to off-set costs of the festivities.

Ex-Officio High Alpha Report: Brian Kollars

Brian Kollars again expressed how glad he was to see the chop block party idea expanding and effectively tripling attendance from the first event. Brian asked for forgiveness for missing the golf tournament and not defending his title. He had a pregnant wife and Blah, Blah, Blah, Weep thing to do….

Beta Report: Max Burrus

Final activities of the weekend included invading the Pow-Wow lounge
(once again) after the formal and a brunch at Players Mall of America
Sunday Morning. Discussion was held as to next year's chop block party.
It was decided to have the event in Chicago next year with Rob LaVeau
serving as the host with help from some of the other Brothers in the Chicago Area.
Finally, discussion was held on what to do about the Rossow problem…..
Seems he always says he's coming and then finds some WEEP excuse not to make it,
Well, we'll see what a little abuse in the signal and on the web site can do!!!!!

Tau Report: Mark Serstock

Give Money!!! Can someone get me another beer???

High Epsilon Report: Pete Sturmfels/Rob Laveau

Pete Sturmfels had basically nothing to say accept that, he was very glad that everyone made it up for the party but that he would also be happy when all of the drinking ended. What A WEEP!

Golf Awards

Golf awards for the 2nd annual Hang-over Golf Tournament:

Closest to the Pin : Kim Goetsch (What happened, Jeff?)

Longest Drive : Pete Volk

Low Score : Doug Feivor

Best Remembrance / Best Story

Nature Boy : AKA.., Jerry Goetsch (Best Remembrance)

Showering at Schele Hall (Best Story)

"It must have lit when she blew" Claire.., (Best Quote)

Brother of the Weekend

Doug Osburn for driving up from Indianapolis (Longest trip) with the whole family, On his Birthday!!!

Honorable Mention: Jeff Goetsch for driving up with the whole family
[Jeff, Kim and four (4) kids, plus a babysitter and her kid]. Unbelievable.

Honorable Mention: Doug Feivor who borrowed an "RV" and drove the whole family over from Green Bay with his newly born twins

Quotes and Remembrances of the Weekend

Poor Man's Caviar : The Peanut Butter under the Fly Strip

Cleaning out the fryer....."Wait a minute...., is that a Chuck Taylor"

Chad Howard has an Earring now....., "So I can relate to my students"

"Am I the only one that got Three OLE's Tonight?" ...Becky Serstock
{Only when you let Brian Kollars cheat!}

Sturmfels..., "Well I have to go..." .../... "Pete Hang up you Skirt" ...Rob LaVeau

"Thanks to Rob my child will now be going to Public School "... Pete Sturmfels


The evening was completed by a slide show of the fraternity shown
by Max Burrus from pictures he had compiled from 1981 - 1989.

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New-comer Award

Pete Volk

Not from our era but he can hang
and drink with the Big Boys!!

Long Distance Award (Sponsored by MCI)

Doug Osburn

Drove from Indianapolis to
Minneapolis for a two day
drunk fest….Way to go Woody!

Sacheal Page Award

Sebastian James

No one knows exactly how old
he is but he can still get it done.

Weep of the Weekend

Too many
to list

All of the Fags, who didn't
show up!! Weep thing to do!!

Family of the Weekend

Jeff & Kim Goetsch

Husband, Wife, Four Kids count-em Four Kids, and a built-in Babysitter and her kid

Drunkest Brother

Mark Serstock & Rob LaVeau

Wire to Wire this year…
Mark slept in a running shower after throwing up on himself.
Rob got refused service at the Pow-Wow (again) and couldn't find his wife for awhile.

Leader of the Weekend

Brian Kollars

Arrived early with a very pregnant wife
He still took control.
The old Alpha still has it.

Brothers of the Weekend

Burrus, Sturmfels,
& Serstock

Great Hosts
Great Weekend
Enough Said!

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We just had to reprint this hilarious
Top Ten List by Brian Kollars

Ex-officio High Alpha Notes:

Top Ten Reasons to burn one of your summer weekends on the Northern Chop Block Party!

10. Homer Drew will host Saturday's Happy Hour / 3-point shoot-out.
9. Free dog Biscuits when the Alpha XI's start Singing.
8. Higley has promised to drink "THE CUP".
7. We're bringing in some WEEPS to abuse!!!
We'll let them sip some soup and then it's time to pass the bottle rockets.
6. No Dean Schroer.
5. Tim Wills' Unforgettable martial arts demonstration -
with some help from some unsuspecting Mall of America punks.
4. You Will NOT be asked to rush Dau Hall.
3. Entertainment! Watch as Rob LaVeau closes down the hotel bar,
then invites the bartender to breakfast at Denny's.
2. You're never too old to play a little Bar Dice. This means YOU, GATOR!

And the Number One Reason To Come to the Chop Block Party 2

#1. Rossow won't be man enough to show,
but we can still make fun of Michigan!!

There's not much reason to go back to Valpo -
Do they still have those lingerie shows at the Franklin House? but
there are plenty of good reasons to book a flight to the Twin Cities.
Hope to see you all in Minnesota in August!

Brian Kollars: High Alpha 1986

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