Chop Block Party One
July 30th -Aug. 1st, 1996
Minneapolis, Minnesota

On behalf of Chop Block Party One Attendants.
We say "You Missed It!" A great time was had by all.
We wish everyone that said they were going to make would
have made it, because it would have been even a greater event
with better attendance.

Attendees of Chop Block Party One!


Ex-Officio High Alpha Brian Kollars Remembers How to Party

The Twin Cities Will Never Be The Same
Since Rob and Susan Laveau Showed Up

Peter Sturmfels Remembers What We Do To WEEPS!!!

Mark And Becky Serstock Share A Laugh With ROBO!


Chop Block Party One was fueled by the attendance
of Rob and Susan Laveau whom kicked off night one
by sponsoring a food and drink fest
at the Airport Ground Round for early arrivals.
Food and Drink flowed freely until the Bar closed and all retired
(We know how to end a party in Minnesota).

The next day began with the 1st Annual Hang-Over Golf Tournament
at Hiawatha Links in Richfield Minnesota.
It was rumored that Bill Clinton was golfing
with the Chop Block but it turned out just to be
Max Burrus and his creative scoring.
Brian Kollars came away victorious as the first winner,
with Mark Serstock having the Long Driver.
(Or so we have heard).

The afternoon cook-out was to be held at a public picnic grounds,
but since there were no families in attendance the party was
shifted to the Burrus' house.
Everyone was able to play Bar Dice and drink on the newly created
Chop Bar which was built utilizing pieces of the last bar at
702 Mound Street.
Sadly, Brian Kollars has lost his edge and couldn't even cheat well
enough any longer to beat his wife at bar dice.

The evening was spent at the
Ultimate Sports Bar at the Mall of America.
We are sad to say that Pete Sturmfels
was observed doing the Macarena,
but Rob Laveau bashed him severely
and it won't happen again.

Sunday was Brunch Day at Players Restaurant and
take the kids to Camp Snoopy Day.
Unfortunately, later it was time for good-byes
but all in attendance decided that next year would be even better.

Max Burrus :Iota Sigma 713

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