Lambda Chi Alpha - Iota Sigma Zeta

1919 Omicron Theta Phi occupied local fraternity house at  356 Greenwich Street.

1920 Omicron Theta Phi merged with Kappa Delta Pi becomes a national fraternity.

1921 Kappa Delta Pi national fraternity passed a series of resolutions to become independent.
Known as a University dorm called Co-op.

1946 Nov. 21st, Forty-two war veterans form Rho Lambda Tau, First President - Bob Raddatz

1953 May 7th, Rho Lambda Tau becomes a colony of Lambda Chi Alpha.

1954 May 8th, Rho Lambda Tau becomes Iota Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha

1969 Dec. 7th, Iota Sigma Zeta moved from 356 Greenwich to 702 Mound Street.

1972 Oct. 20th, Old house, "Big Green" burned down, Arson was the cause and one girl died!

1975, March 8th, Room #5 Fire, all files burned

1982 March 22nd, Founder's Day: Max Burrus drank 48 shots of Seagram's Whiskey!
Breaking the old record of 43 shots held by Karl Linnemire.

1991 April 29th, House ordered to remove the "BAR" from the downstairs area by Nationals
and University. On short notice, Weed, Keith Larson, Bill Ranieri, Block, Sab, Adam Graham,
Rambo, Paul Sloup, and Max Burrus, meet to have one last beer at the bar before it is dismantled.

1996 April 12th, Current Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha refuse to live under
National Fraternity restrictions against alcohol, smoking, and unescorted guests in house.
ELC from Nationals decides to get a Hotel Room rather than sleep at the house,
because he is scared. House disbands.

1996 August 2nd, First Annual Northern Chop Block Party held in Minneapolis, MN.
Only five brothers attended but groundwork for annual gathering was decided upon.

Brothers attending were:
Max Burrus, Pete Sturmfels, Mark Serstock, Rob LaVeau and Brian Kollars.

1997 Spring, After two failed attempts by Lambda Chi Alpha National to recolonize
the house as a non-alcoholic, no-smoking, drug-free, and no-parties social club,
house at 702 Mound Street torn down. Mound still stands - chair still in tree branches.

1997 March 5th, The new "Signal" is sent out to seventy brothers marking the return
of our Fraternity Alumni Newsletter.

1997 November 21st, Iota Sigma Zeta Website established to increase communication
and distribution of information.

1997 August 1st, Second Annual Northern Chop Block Party held in Minneapolis, MN. 
"Northern" is dropped from the title and it is voted upon to hold the next party in Chicago, IL.

Important attendees include:
Pete Volk - who dramatically increased interest in the Chop Block Party
within his generation of Lambda Chi members,
Doug Osburn - who traveled from Indianapolis and on his Birthday,
Doug Feivor - who borrowed a motor home so he could travel
with his family and new twin sons, and all five original attendees.

1998 July 31st, Chop Block Party Three in Chicago is a tremendous success with sixty brothers
in attendance. All attendees of the Chop Block Party One and Two are again in attendance.
Jim Rossow shows up at 3:30 A.M. Saturday Night and attends Sunday Brunch,
allowing him to escape being "Purged".

1999 August 6th, Chop Block Party Four Held in Rolling Meadows, IL.
Again a huge success with over 70 Chops in Attendance.  A Re-furbished "Brother Count"
makes his appearance as well as the original "Lamp" (Thanks to Tom Konizeka)! 
All five original attendees are present, as well as several new brothers including :
Paul Decker from Seattle, Mark Tyrrell from New York, Phil Eggold from Arizona,
and even some old Bar Whores!

2000  August 11th, Chop Block Party Five again in Chicago!
Eighty-eight brothers make an appearance with all five original attendees again present
plus Grand High Alpha Marty Smith and Brothers Terry Coram, Chuck Wilde, Craig Schlenker,
Bill Loesch, and Tim Radtke.  Marty Smith explained the process of colonization for a new chapter
at Valparaiso, that he wants personally to be established before he leaves office in the Grand
High Zeta.

2003 February 19th, a Lambda Chi Alpha chapter from Elmhurst College in Chicago, IL.,
preformed the Associate Member Ceremony for 21 new members of the Lambda Chi Alpha colony
at Valparaiso University.  The ceremony was attended by the: University President, Dean of Students,
Assistant Dean of Students, Assistant to the Office of Student Activities, Director of Institutional
Giving (a brother none the less), and guests.  The ceremony officially marked the return of
Lambda Chi Alpha as the 10th fraternity on the Valparaiso University campus.