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    Welcome Alumni and Brothers
to the new colony at V.U.! 
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    Waiting to go in for Ritual...,

Singing Magic Carpet Ride!      

State of the Colony by Jay Mims   -  High Alpha

We are proud to have the opportunity to be involved in the re-colonization of Lambda Chi Alpha on the Valparaiso campus. Over the past few months we have made many strides towards developing a great group of guys that want to be creatively different. The Greek community at Valparaiso is excited to have us back and we are excited to be the new face in Greek Life. At this point in time we are working to schedule events that will help Lambda Chi reestablish its presence here at Valparaiso. We will continue to work hard to meet all of our Colony Chartering Standards over the next year.
The Valparaiso University Lambda Chi Alpha Colony encourages all alumni to join us in the exciting journey
we have embarked upon.

Money Talks by Tyler Lowell  - High Tau

The Lambda Chi Alpha colony at Valparaiso University is off and running. We, as a fraternity, are dedicated to excel in all aspects thrown our way.  As for the High Tau position, I Tyler Lowell, will be in charge of all inquiries dealing with money input and output.  For our first semester together as a fraternity we initiated 20 members with member fees set at $25
a month.  The gracious grants we received from out alumni have been deposited into three different accounts at a local bank.  The three accounts that our president, Jay Mims, and myself opened were a primary checking account, an installation fund, and a reserve fund.  The primary checking account will be where our daily deposits and withdrawals come from.  The installation fund will be the account that pays for out installation expenses when the time comes and the reserve fund
in essence is our primary sayings account.  We of Lambda Chi Alpha at Valparaiso University are very thankful for
all whom have helped us financially at the outset.

Alumni Relations by Dave Nackovic IS 886

          As many of you probably know, it is now just a week and a half shy of being the 1-year anniversary that Ryan Haney and Chris Sternhagen confirmed the first of us as founding brothers to bring back the Iota Sigma Chapter back to Valparaiso University.  As a result, I thought that I would give you an update on what we have been up to.

         First, the important stuff...Our IM basketball team is 3-2 with the last game of the regular season tonight. 
We've hit a slump since coming back from break, but I feel confident that we can recover.
Okay, maybe that was not the most important piece of information, but since it has to do with the colony I thought
I should include it.  Much more important than that is the fact that for our first year participating in the North American Food Drive we raised around 2,500 lbs of food.  While I'm sure past chapters have managed to get more. 
This was just our first year and we hope to expand to include more neighborhoods when we have more members. 
The food bank that received the items said that it was the largest donation they have ever received, which was pretty cool and also gives us something to shoot for in the fall. 

          Speaking of the fall, We also had our first Formal.  It took place on the Spirit of Chicago cruise ship on
Lake Michigan.  I must admit to at first thinking it was an odd combination considering the other party seemed to be a
50-yr wedding anniversary or something, and there were not any college age people on the other half of the ship and by the looks of the faces of the other party I know they felt the same way.  However, any doubt that the rowdy boys of LCA
might not garner another invite to the ship was quickly erased when the music started playing and it turned into
one huge shinding.  Hopefully, we will have pictures up sometime soon because it was something you just had to see
to believe.  Of course, the evening was capped by the brothers piling onto the dance floor for a rendition of
Magic Carpet Ride.

          Getting enough members to reach chartering standards has been somewhat of a problem. 
We have had 3 A.M.s leave for financial and other reasons as well as a couple brothers transferring out and in.  
A couple of bidders also pulled out as well due to academic problems.  As a result, we are currently at only 21 members.  However, this past Friday marked the first time that the new brothers went out to the dorms singing some of our
popular fraternity songs and handing out bids, which were accepted, by four new members. 
Hopefully this is the start of an upward trend, and by the looks of the turn-out at our latest series of rush events it seems like we may be able to increase our numbers into the high 30's by the end of the month. 
If anybody has some recruitment ideas, we are always more than happy to listen to the voices of experience.

          This upcoming Saturday (Jan 24th), there is also a little get together with some of the Alumni, the brothers, and some of our newest prospects. We will first watch the Men's team take on Southern Utah at 3 pm (tickets are $8 a piece). 
We will then head to Gelsasamo's Pizzeria for all u can eat buffet ($8.50 apiece excluding drinks). 
It is not too late if you would like to attend. 
Just e-mail me on here or call me at (219) 241-7434 (Valparaiso-based cell # for those of you who were wondering). 
If you can, I encourage you to attend and maybe share some stories of your times in LCA.  Plus, You can meet the new High Rho, Jim Hooper whom is also a walk-on for the basketball team and see the special guest of honor...The Count.

        The Count appears courtesy of Max Burrus, who sent this esteemed member of Iota Sigma Zeta to my house
this past holiday.  Max has been a rather generous contributor in terms of finance, advice, and helping to keep the spirit
of the Brotherhood alive.  For these reasons, he was named the 2003 Doc Boyd Alumni of the Year.  
Unfortunately, we could not honor him properly at an event, but every brother appreciates everything he has done
and hopefully will continue to do.

     Wow, this went on for a bit didn't it.  I hope the new year is finding everyone happy and healthy.  I hope to hear from everybody that receives this in some form or another.  If there are any address or e-mail changes or whatever please let me know.  This colony will not survive without the support of our Alumni and now that the "learning period" is over the time has to to really strengthen the bonds between the Alumni and colony.  Just drop a line of two on the list-serve, offering advice or letting us know what is going on with you guys, We really want to know. Share stories that we can read at meetings or offer words of encouragement.  It all adds up and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you and have a great week.

  In ZAX,  Dave

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