Valparaiso University

The 1980's and a bit of the 90's
until the house got torn down......,

   Welcome Alumni and Brothers to the 80's and 90's 

Here you will find all the old pages from the original Chop Website:

Lambda Chi Valpo - November '97      Lambda Chi Valpo - December '97     

Lambda Chi Valpo - Jan. '98     Lambda Chi Valpo - March '98    Lambda Chi Valpo - April '98      

Lambda Chi Alpha - May 1998 : Beta Report (Pictures by Chuck Wilde)

 Lambda Chi Alpha - October '98 :Halloween       Lambda Chi Valpo - December '98 :Xmas

Lambda Chi Valpo - January '99 :Formals      Lambda Chi Valpo - March '99 :Boxer Party     

Lambda Chi Valpo - July '99 :Then and Now       Lambda Chi Alpha - October '99 :Halloween   

Lambda Chi Valpo - December '99 :Xmas     Lambda Chi Valpo - February '00 :CBP5

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