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The Rho Lambda Tau Years
November 21st, 1946 - May 8th, 1954
The Rest of the 1950's


El Jordan and I took this.  It was quite widely used for publicity for the next several years.   
If I remember correctly, the Rho Tauís were Dick Roth, Bill Wrege, Bill Koch and ????. 
I believe the date to be January 1950.

Submitted by Brother Bill Gehrke

I was able to locate this photo and thought you'd like to put it on the Lambda Chi Alpha Web site.  This is from when we became a national fraternity in 1954. 

Following are the names of the active members in 1952.  
Ted Anderson, Donald Becker, Walter Beltz, Robert Bornholt, John Brendel, Dave Buhrow, Edward Buhrow, Orv Fenske, Thomas Fenske, Bill Ferry, Jim Fricke, Paul Fricke, Richard Fricke, William Gehrke, Bob Gentzke, William Haeseler III, Dick Hanneman, Bob Hemmeter, Ronald Herrmann, Bill Hindahl, Leroy Hochsprung, George Hoppensteaddt, Guenther Horn, Burt Jablinski, Tom Jeske, Mel R. Kangas, Bill Koch, Robert Kolb, Robert Kranz, Ray Krause, Hubert Kueter, John McVey, Wally Martin, Dick Mertz, Heine Meyer, John R. Michael, Ernie Mielke, Delmer Moeller, Ric Mueller, Arthur Nisle, Thomas Ochs, Walter Otto, Fred Pohland, Edmund Proehl, Marvin Rammelsberg, Fred Rische, Wilbur Rothman, Millard Rullman, Jerry Schoenfeldt, Bill Schudlich, Don Schuerman, Ted Schultheis, Merle Seehafer, Dick Starin, Walter Sterner, Art Tharaldson, Henry Thies, Dick Wendorf, Wesley West, Will Wischer, Bob Zimmers.  

Following are the pledges of the Spring Semester 1952:  
Chris Babbler, Richard Craiger, Paul Gaines, Del Guffy, Ralph Gundlach, John Hemmeter, Bill Hucke, Don Johnson, Kurt Jordan, Wayne Kozak, Les McIntosh, Don McKelvey, Dick Ochs, Hugo Redlind, Bob Riegleman, Rod Roemer, Jack Rousseau, Melvin Rullman, George Schenk, Ted VerHaar.

I hope that this will be of some help to remember the names of our brothers at that time.


Here is a photo of Dick Ochs and myself (Wayne Kozak) taken in 1953.  

I was in the pledge class of Spring 1952.  There were 20 members in 
our class.  I will never forget my Hell Night experience!  After
listening to the swats from a paddle in an adjoining room, my heart
began to pound.  After experiencing my turn at the paddle I really
felt relieved that it was all in fun.  However, my story continues. 
We were then led into the kitchen to drink, what I will always
remember, as the WORST concoction that anyone could ever imagine. 
Like most of the others, my drink came up much faster than it went
down.  While we were still in the kitchen, we became the recipients
of Corn Flakes, Syrup and Raw Eggs being poured down into our Jock
straps!!!  Then, on top of all this, we had to put on our clothes and
jackets and were again topped off with Syrup and more Corn Flakes. 
We were then escorted up to the top floor where we were sent down the
Fire Escape to a waiting car to begin our Hell Ride.  The ride wasn't
too bad, although it lasted for about 30-minutes.  At that time I was
dropped at the side of a road which I knew was Route 30.  I thought
to myself that this wasn't too bad because I could see the city
lights in the distance.  So I started to walk, walk, walk to the city
lights and finally got into the city limits only to find that I was
not in the city of Valpo, but some other city of which I have never
heard. I thought !*??@3@@#%@.  After regaining my bearings, I headed
back to Route 30 where I began to hitch-hike.  After hearing frogs
croaking in the ditch alongside the road and other various strange
sounds which seemed to come from everywhere, I was fortunate to get a
ride back to  Valpo.  Now, it was now almost daylight.  When I got
back on campus it was near 6:30am and I learned when I reached the
fraternity house --- yes, I was the last pledge to return from the Hell Ride.

Yours in ZAX,  
Brother Wayne Kozak


Rho Lambda Tau Housing Corporation Meetings - 1987??

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