Saturday Night
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Chop Block Party Three

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A Gathering of Many!

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Hello Girls!
(Mrs. Bertoia - Mrs. Kollars - Mrs. Eric Johnson)

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A Table of Revelers!

Dinner6a.jpg (52525 bytes)
A Table of Misfits!

Dinner6b.jpg (45137 bytes)
Woody, Weis and Weed had a table (WWW?)

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Andrew Kjoller (with date Anne Friedrich)

Dinner22.jpg (44771 bytes)
Sturmfels..., What are you doing?

    Dinner2.jpg (43947 bytes) Dinner7.jpg (28589 bytes)
Eric Johnson and Mike Bertoia mug for the camera,
While Mark Serstock mugs Mike's wife Karen!

Chop Block Party 4 -  Chicago, IL. 
August 6th, 7th, & 8th, 1999

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