August 7th, 1999

The Chop Block Party Was Made Official By Holding A House Meeting.

Honorary High Alpha - Brian Kollars Provided the Opening Welcome and the Alpha Report.

Highlights of his opening statements included making fun of Pete Volk's Ricky Martin Haircut
"Why don't you hum us a few bars of La Vida Loca"
and thanking all of the first time attendees.
He noted once again that all five original attendees were present.

C B P 5 -Beta Report - Honorary High Beta - Max Burrus
Assisted by Honorary High Nothing - Rob LaVeau

After debate and discussion on different venues for the Chop Block Party 5 -
It was decided to once again host the event in Chicago. The date was set as:
August 4th, 5th, and 6th - Year 2000.

Pay - Up - Tau Report - High Collector - Rob LaVeau

Next year a different method of collection for the dinner funds will be held
to ensure proper counts and attendance.
We will send self-addressed stamped envelopes out to everyone
and it will be pay as you register. It was too difficult to get everyone to pay up.

New Business

Epsilon Report - Honorary High Epsilon - Pete Volk -
Room 2113 was selected as this year's after formal party room!
In the tradition of CBP3's room 211. 
[ Note Everyone was kicked out by the Holiday Inn within one hour. ]

Golf Awards

Closest To Pin - Walt Swanson

Longest Drive - Max Burrus

Lowest Score - Scott Ganswindt (43) Highest Score - Rambo (59)

Brother Of The Weekend -

1.) Pete Volk for writing to the V. U. Alumni Association and getting  Golf Towels and Key Chains for Golf Awards.  Great idea to be expanded upon.
2.) Paul Decker and the whole family for flying out from Seattle
3.) Pete Volk for his hair - "The drool starts in one hour!"

Brother of the Year -
Cheryl Monical and Max Burrus for repairing/repainting "Brother Count"
     Tom Konezika for rescuing the "LAMP"
     Snake for saving Brother Count from the wreaking ball!

Best Remembrance -

Mark Serstock at National headquarters.
To make it simple.
One the pledge trip to Nationals,
Mark was so wasted that while the rest of the pledges toured the building, he went into Executive Director George Spazyk's Office
and lay down on the big leather couch…,
Needless to say the urge to purge overcame Mark and he went into George's private bathroom and Yacked!

Honorable Mention to the story that when the house
was about to be shut down by Nationals,
that the ELC -the Education and Leadership Correspondent
from National Headquarters went to stay in a hotel room
because he was too afraid to stay at the house.

Quote of the Weekend -

"I Lied On Betty?? Oh.., I Forgot That Rule!" Mark Tyrrell (Purge Tyrrell!)

Old Business

Marty Zobel - a special Z-force was established to bring him to the party.

John Speybroeck - doesn't want to come - we have to change his mind.

Jon Vollmer - always has a convenient excuse.

Jon Syndergaard - always says he is coming but doesn't show up (Just like at Valpo).

Others too numerous to mention -

Motion To Close - Tom Kucklick
Second - Rob Melin