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To Hear Some Harry Sound Bytes! 

   HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Cubs Win!          HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)   Holy Cow!  

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)   Hello Again From Wrigley Field On A Beautiful Day for Baseball. 

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)
   Ahhh, Can't beat fun at the old ballpark     HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  ... Popfly in a phonebooth!

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Mets Lose! Mets Lose! (WMA)   HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)   Who'd a thunk it!

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)
 This crowd is wild!      HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)   Shut the hell up    

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)
  How 'bout them Cubbies    HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Collection of "Play By Play" Calls (MP3)   

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Swings and he misses another knuckleball.

HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  The "Marla Collins without pants" laugher. (MP3)  

 sound.jpg (1284 bytes)   Harry Sings "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"
     (Large WMA File )

 HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Harry Sings "Take Me Out To The First Night Game" (MP3)


 HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)  Let's give Harry a big round of applause! (from his eulogy)

   He loved people and they knew it! (from his eulogy)  HEARIT3.jpg (1966 bytes)


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