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Power Max Consulting is a full-time operations, quality, change management and process improvement company.

We have implemented in all areas of Operations: Management, Production, Engineering, HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping, Marketing and Sales.

We are by nature a research and technical based company, which includes a thorough understanding of statistical methods and analysis, human factors and ergonomic principles , QA/QC and safety studies, new product introduction, and market research for Public and Private Sector clients. We have been contracted to complete business analysis projects and technical writing for healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and government agencies. We work with small businesses or large international companies where we have never met a challenge where we did not succeed.

We specialized in overall quality and productivity improvements, driving implementation down to the floor and throughout organizations. We train clients on: change management, ADKAR, strategic and operation metrics, team action plans, root cause and failure analysis, opportunity and issue resolution, management accountability, employee empowerment and accountability. We are experts in ISO Certification, Lean/Six Sigma, visual factory, 5S, TQM, Gap Analysis, front-line supervision shift and variance control design, and integration of supply chain, engineering, quality, logistics and floor operations in real time.  We move companies from constant fire fighting to identification and  resolution of issues at the point of origin and through preventative and predictive maintenance.

We can help you achieve a management style utilizing Deming’s principles and Little’s Law, and real-time Failure Analysis / Root Cause Analysis with issue resolution.

We have a breadth of experience working with:
Automotive, Airline, Chemical, Transportation, Steel, Semiconductor, Call Centers, and other consulting companies.

We are familiar with stamping, press brakes, punch press, weld, spot weld, paint lines, sub-assembly,
manufacture of silicone, Epitaxy layering, cosmetics, melting and casting of steel, rebar and angle rolling, electronic and discrete part manufacturing.

Let us help you with:

Last revised: July 01, 2009