Iota Sigma Zeta Valpo

The Latest Information On
The Fifth Annual Chop Block Party

The Brothers of Iota Sigma Meet in Chicago for 
Chop Block Party Four!

Chop Block Party Five 
Will Probably Closely Resemble Chop Block Party Four

We'll Meet at the Stadium Club 
for Beer and Pizza Friday Night the 11th!

  We'll Golf Saturday Morning

  Instead of these guys cooking..,   

We are planning on going to the family friendly 
Arlington International Raceway for the Picnic on Saturday

The White Rose Informal will again be at the Hotel!

The Buffet!

The Brotherhood! (This will be followed by Purging Rossow!)
and Finally The Brunch Sunday Morning!
Well.., there you have it!

Chop Block Party 5 - CBP5
Again in Chicago, IL.   
AUGUST 11th, 12th, 13th, 2000

This year the Chop Block Party will again
be held in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
It will be held at the Holiday Inn "HOLIDOME"

Any of you Chicago-ites who want to help should
call Rob LaVeau and offer some assistance!
847 - 253 – 4471
You have no excuses, put it on your calendar
and let's remember what Lambda Chi was about ..,

Here are some of the specifics on Chop Block Party Five

Same Hotel as Last Year
The Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows
(847) 259-5000 or 1-800-HOLIDAY

Your best bet is the Radisson just down the street 
(Where CBP3 Was Held)
Radisson Hotel - Arlington Hts
75 W Algonquin Rd
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005
(800) 333-3333
Phone: 847-364-7600 
Fax: 847-364-7665 

Or Across The Street:
1-800-Red Roof  (733-7663)
Click "Book On-Line"
For Location Type in Arlington Heights, IL.
Rooms Available $70.99  a night.

I CHECKED 8/1/2000



Friday the 11th

We again have a 18 tickets for the 
for early arrivals - - 2:20 Start Time  
Contact MAX BURRUS for tickets   651-306-1041 

Early Bird Party or the Friday Night Beer Bash

Stadium Club & Pizza
Walking distance from the Holidome
7:00 P.M. until …………….?
You can order whatever you want off of the menus,
order drinks as you see fit, and pay as you go!

No special arrangements have been set up with the bar!
But anyone can buy a round of Pitchers!

Saturday the 12th

Fifth Annual Hang-Over Golf Outing

9:00 A.M. - Noon
Tee times will be reserved at Arlington Lakes Course
a few days prior to CBP5 depending upon responses!
Or get in touch with Sebastian James :
Tee times will be given out at the Friday Night Party.
It's an 18-hole public course. Greens fees are $31, and carts are an extra $26

Chop Block Party Four Picnic

11:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.
Arlington International Raceway

There will be lots of family events and some racing!
Here's their website!

Fourth Annual Lambda Chi Alpha
White Rose Informal
We would like to stress IN-formal
So dress, as you want to dress - this is a time for remembrance!

Again it will be at the hotel in one of the party rooms.  
We will have a buffet dinner and cash bar.  
Let’s just say they didn’t lose any money on the bar tab last year.  

HOWEVER, Because so many of you like to respond that you are coming 
to the dinner and don’t show up, the Financial Committee (Rob LaVeau) 
took a huge loss last year. 
THEREFORE, We will have a pre-payment for the dinner this year.  
When you receive your response cards in June this year 
there will be a self-addressed stamped envelope and a reminder 
to put in your check for your “possibly tax deductible” contribution of 
$35 for the first person and $25 for each additional person eating.
If you don't want to eat you will be asked to contribute $10.00 to the
Alumni fund to help pay for the Signal and mailings. 
A receipt will be issued to you for dues to the Iota Sigma Zeta Alumni Association.  
If you show up and haven’t paid yet we can handle that by paying at the door.  
Rob/Susan LaVeau and Max are tired of spending lots of time trying 
to locate people to get them to pay up!  
So, now that we are all adults and don’t have to write home for money.., 
at least I think that is the case for most people.., 
You will pay up front.  If you pay and can’t make it.., 
we’ll discuss a possible refund after the party, 
but remember if you don’t pay we don’t guarantee you can eat.

Sunday the 13th

Whomever's Left Brunch

11:00 A.M.
Same place as last year - T.G.I. Fridays!
Final chance to reminisce and talk about the weekend!
Come see who looks terrible!

Yours in ZAX,
Rob LaVeau

You can register On-line here!
Remember your registration is not complete until we receive
your dinner deposits!

Square.gif (2272 bytes)  Click here to go to the On-line Registration Form

Remember it is okay to only come to one event!
Just the Friday Night Party or just the Saturday Picnic
A lot of Chops only made it to one event last year but the made it!
That was the one event that they had the chance to see old friends,
exchange new numbers and addresses and remember what
Lambda Chi Alpha at Valpo was like!
Join us for whatever you can, JUST join us!

We want you to participate and have fun!
If you have any ideas or suggestions,
if you have any thing you want to see in the Signal,
call Max or Rob any time!

If you know of any addresses of your Chop classmates,
or e-mail addresses that we don’t have, 
or if someone has moved..,
Send it to Max Burrus

House Meeting Notes From CBP5

Brother Of The Weekend - 

1.) Pete Volk for writing to the V. U. Alumni Association and getting 
Golf Towels and Key Chains for Golf Awards. Great idea to be expanded upon. 
2.) Paul Decker and the whole family for flying out from Seattle 
3.) Pete Volk for his hair - "The drool starts in one hour!"

Brother of the Year - 

Cheryl Monical and Max Burrus for repairing/repainting "Brother Count"
Tom Konezika for rescuing the "LAMP"
Snake for saving Brother Count from the wrecking ball!

Best Remembrance - 

Mark Serstock at National headquarters:
To make it simple. 
One the pledge trip to Nationals, 
Mark was so wasted that while the rest of the pledges toured the building, 
he went into Executive Director George Spazyk's Office 
and lay down on the big leather couch…, 
Needless to say the urge to purge overcame Mark 
and he went into George's private bathroom 
and Yacked all over Nationals!

Honorable Mention to the story that when the house 
was about to be shut down by Nationals, 
that the ELC -the Education and Leadership Correspondent 
from National Headquarters went to stay in a hotel room 
because he was too afraid to stay at the house.

Quote of the Weekend -
"I Lied On Betty??  Oh.., I Forgot That Rule!"  Mark Tyrrell (Purge!)

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Updated January 21, 2004

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