Chop Block Party Three

Friday Night Fire-Up

Friday8.jpg (44054 bytes)
"The Count" Gets Things Started

Friday11.jpg (66160 bytes)     Friday1.jpg (56802 bytes)
Stadium Sports Club and Bar
Yes, it was your basic pitcher of beer / big screen TV kinda place!

   Friday7.jpg (50955 bytes)
Elbow, Wilson, Bertoia, (the back of) Hig's Head
Sab, Pete Volk and others!

Friday5a.jpg (67684 bytes)   Friday14.jpg (47078 bytes)
Weis, Burrus, Wills, & Sturmfels
Tom Kucklick, Steve Elrod, & Don "Animal" Jones

Gerhardt & Franko Woo the ladies!
Weed and Robo share a story.

Friday15.jpg (29339 bytes)
Kjoller and Mad Max
"Were Getting Our Beers Right Now, OK!"
This looks frightening like a Before "Fat" /  After "Skinny" photo doesn't it?

Friday6a.jpg (29130 bytes)
"I'm gonna have to NumChuck Someone Tonight"

Friday12.jpg (66815 bytes)
The Aftermath!
Chad Howard's Table Dance!

Chop Block Party 4 -  Chicago, IL. 
August 6th, 7th, & 8th, 1999

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